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  • We believe that life should be used to the maximum and in all its facets, therefore we promote a consistent and ergonomic work schedule to achieve the maximum performance of the work teams.


  • We orient our strategies to give effective solutions, therefore we motivate the client to form a team with us so that we can better understand the purpose of your project and your expectations.

  • We believe in the effective use of current cybernetic communication technologies to optimize development costs to the maximum, so we encourage the use of these means for feedback processes, in this way the resources that are used in travel and per diem are invested in Better shape and save on times and movements.

  • We respect the confidentiality that our clients demand to protect their intellectual property, so we are always willing to agree to secrecy through contracts that so stipulate.

  • Our first manufacturing option is local, ie regional and national, as we want to generate work for our compatriots, and in order to ensure good results, we are willing to develop suppliers to create effective production chains.

  • We have decided to contribute to the effort of several professionals to promote design in Mexico, despite the limited and unfavorable conditions that our country offers to developers. However, if we run a severe scrutiny before giving support.

  • We contribute to the training and training of the new generations of designers with high potential, with the aim of that they surpass us and generate best practices of the profession in our region.

  • We consider that it is a right of people to live in environments and using well-designed systems, and it is our ethical purpose that design is not only for some but for all people, regardless of their nationality and socio-economic and cultural conditions.

  • We work for passion and to live in harmony, we do not live to work, to exploit and to be exploited, For the above we want to make of our projects and services and enjoyment for which we encourage to the developers who trust in the process of design and in us like professionals of the same. Likewise, we encourage the program work and with just development times (but not adjusted), to be able to perform a correct work. Working in a hurry is more costly as it never brings benefits.

  • We address our customers and collaborators frankly and honestly so assertiveness is part of our corporate personality.

  • Our aim is always to achieve excellent results, if and only if our clients and collaborators join the team and do not sabotage the development itself. For this reason, we ask our clients to avoid thinking that design is a matter of magic or inspiration, which requires deep knowledge in many different areas, and can not usually be solved by interns or recent graduates of the university.









"Services in Design and Innovation in México, affordable prices"

RODZ+ Policies document

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